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Welcome to BL Corporate Services Ltd  - Professionality & expertise for your financial business from experts to experts. One of the biggest intermediary and introducing networks - connecting clients with Corporate Services Providers, legal competences and financial institutions to achieve common goals.

We care about your success. Our main focus is to build solid, reliable, long-term business relationships.


For more than 17 years, we’ve been working diligently to earn our clients’ trust. Unlike many offshore experts and introducers, BL develops offshore legal solutions tailored to your specific needs. As your offshore business evolves, you can rely on BL to provide you with up-to-date expert advice and strategic offshore solutions geared to your success.

Our target market is the financial product providing industry, so as Asset Managers, Forex incorporators or just financial entrepeneurs that would like to go a regulated and safe way by offering their products.


Our job is to provide you with solutions, fitting your needs perfectly. Those solutions are the result of tireless work with our incorporation partners around the globe. The partner network consists of:

  • Licensed and registered CSPs (Corporate Services Providers) and MCs (Management Companies), e.g. in Vanuatu, Seychelles, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Sweden)

  • Licensed and fully regulated banks and Payment Institutions

  • Accredited Lawyers and Legal Representatives

  • Accountants 

  • Office Services Providers

Our sales representative network in Europe, the Middle East, Central America and of course here in South East Asia is providing a multi lingual customer service in English, German, Dutch, Spanish.

As the largest intermediary network for the German speaking market (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein) we even serve you in German language to make sure that no language barriers will block you from achieving your goals.


  1. You request on our website for the desired financial licensing solution

  2. We are in contact with you and discussing your undertaking and figure out if the scope of license is really suitable for your future projects

  3. We will then consult our collaborating Corporate Services Provider / MCs to re-assure that your undertaking is realizable by the promoted and desired licensing solution under current requirements.

  4. We introduce you to the respective Corporate Services Provider which is checked, licensed and regulated according to its local requirements

  5. The Setup begins

  6. BL will assist you and guide you as primarly contact point in your language through the entire process in cooperation with your CSPs / MC in the respective jurisdiction until licenses are granted. The work in the respective countries are being carried-out professionally through the MCs / CSPs or other mandate holders which are authorized to do so.

No data leaks

All our internal work spaces are only connected through intranet accesses. Data exchanges between PCs is unabled. 

Secure Servers
Our servers are based offshore.


Guaranteed Bank Account Openings

Through our 17 year old grown network we can guarantee to work with the most reliable and trustful banking institutions. Therefore BL can guarantee you bank account openings in most jurisdictions for its licensees.

On-going services

Service continues after obtaining a license. Our collaborating licensed and registered Corporate Services Providers and Management Companies will care with our support assistance about the ongoing maintenance according to the requirements in the respective jurisdictions.

Our Core Competences

Intermediary activities and introductions to Corporate Services Providers and third parties who offer solution that fit your needs perfectly.


Our partners are specialists in the setups of:

  • Applications/Incorporations for eMoney Licenses in Panama and Georgia

  • Financial Intermediary Services

  • Universal Financial Company Setups for FX, crypto and Payment Processing (e-wallets) from Kazakhstan

  • Investment and Securities Dealers Licenses

  • Accreditations and Permissions from Regulators in countries without licensing regimes

  • European Company Formations

  • Regulated Professional Trustee Setups (Sweden)

  • FX / Forex Securities Dealers Licenses Vanuatu and Seychelles

  • Set-up of Private Banks (Comoros Union, Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of Dominica).

Our Team welcomes you

We got the know-how, you the ideas.

Our contact details for calls Mo-Fr from 10am to 6pm CET.


+852 8191 4752

+1 678 701 3666​

email: click here >>

Der Firmengründer für Offshore Bank- und Finanzgesellschaften
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