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Crypto Trading and Brokerage + FX and Shares Brokerage License

 The License that allows you to promote, host and operate a foreign exchange currency trading and speculation platform. Also the brokerage in shares, CFDs, FX, commodities and any kind of regulated securities is permitted. Do it differently and offer as one of the first platforms all those services in a regulated environment and built trust with investors, FX brokerage clients and securities dealers. 

Open your own crypto currency trading platform or combine it with Forex. Act as one of the few regulated brokerage institutions and built with this exception a reputation as early as you can.

The crypto market, especially the trading and speculating on it, will see tightened and tougher regulations very soon worldwide. The better, you are already prepared and trust the regulators of a white listed jurisdiction.

A top-infrastructure with excellent banks and a direct access to the IBAN / SWIFT payment network allows a maximum in flexibility by receiving and sending electronic money.


Additionally Georgia's biggest plus is a maximum in privacy and data protection. Not just to the owner of a payment providing company - also to their clients. 


To be able to operate professionally the regulator seeks you to fulfill the following requirements in order to become a licensed Brokerage / Crypto Trading entity:

  1. Notarized Passport with apostille

  2. Police Clearance Cerfificate / Criminal record apostilled

  3. CV undersigned with at least 2 business references of previous or current employers to underlign your professionality as broker

  4. Providing certified copies of your educational certificates or diplomas

  5. Recent Proof of Address (electronically)

  6. POA (provided by us) signed and notarized and apostilled

  7. ca. 162.000 EUR paid-up capital within the registration / application period that can be used to setup your own infrastructure or pay company expenses. The amount needs to be back to the corporate account at the date of quarterly reporting. In special cases also depots named on the company with shares, bonds, securities are accepted as a replacement for the cash money.

Your consultants:

+852 8191 4752

+1 678 701 3666​

email: click here >>

Offer trading accounts and accept customers from worldwide. Let them trade in realtime FX, CFDs, shares and of course crypto currencies. Provide exchange services and be one of the first operators that holds a valid high-end license.


Commercial Activities and operations allowed under Brokerage License pursuant to the applicable Georgian legislation


  1. providing direct consultations to investors on investments to clients, including issues concerning the price of securities, investment in securities, buying and selling of securities, as well as related foreign exchange transactions

  2. consulting on securities issuance and money arising services

  3. arranging and carrying out the distribution of the issuer's securities on a non-guaranteed basis

  4. receiving and transmitting clients orders in connection with securities, effecting transactions in securities for clients' accounts, with clients' funds

  5. managing clients' investment portfolios and funds allocated for operations in securities

  6. holding clients' investment funds and/or securities, providing safekeeping, custody and nominee services for securities

  7. effecting transactions in securities for their own account with their own funds (proprietary trading)

  8. arranging and carrying out the distribution of the issuer's securities on a guaranteed basis

  9. loaning securities to and borrowing securities from clients as well as using their own funds for the acquisition of securities for clients, engaging in short selling as defined in NBG regulations


  • company formation and incorporation in Georgia

  • Set-up local office, installation of an official company representor in Georgia

  • preparation of all documents (AML Rules, etc.)

  • License Support

  • On-going license status updates

  • bank account openings in Georgia 

  • Certifications / Translations: Georgian - Englisch (optional) included

  • submission of all documents to the National Bank of Georgia

  • English and German speaking support through our expert team


Apart of the bank account opening, licensing support and all other services we do also introduce you for free if requested to fully regulated liquidity providers in the EU and Australia to get liquidity with fantastic conditions for FX, shares, commodities etc.



This license is an onshore license but with offshore character in terms of flexibility and opportunities. You will be taxed under Georgian law but there are many ways to reduce the tax commitments. Speak with us.





We also establish the payment infrastructure for your new company. Accept customer funds in FIAT money and book them into their subaccounts with your company. Get a digipass and credit cards and proceed online transactions safely and secured.

The credentials are to be provided in sealed envelopes. Only you will have access to your very own funds and the customers funds.

The bank accounts in Georgia are fully SWIFT connected and come along with an own dedicated IBAN account number.

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