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Private Bank Incorporation Seychelles

Bankgründung / Privatbank Lizenzierung Seychellen
The complete package: Fully licensed offshore bank with permissions from the Central Bank, auditing with the world business leaders in accounting, correspondence bank connections, own SWIFT registrations and much more. The Seychelles Private Bank Formation Package makes it possible.

As one of the few providers BL got the direct access to Seychelles lawyers enabling sophisticated entrepreneurs to establish a Private Bank headquartered in the Seychelles at surprisingly favorable conditions - quickly and in a complete package.


Legal safety from day one

All formation activities are being carried by local lawyers, autitors and incorporation institutes with a direct connection to the Central Bank of the Seychelles.


An All-Inclusive-Package

The professional setup of the Domestic Company in the Seychelles, the acquisition of a local Compliance Manager, the due diligence process, Banking Software (incl. Online banking and account management with all compliance requirements), the SWIFT network registration and the entire management of bank licensing procedures on the spot!


Payment / MasterCard

In addition we can introduce you to the biggest market players in credit card processing and credit card / prepaid card programs. Through those channels your bank will be able to issue "own" MasterCards - fully in the bank's Corporate Design.


Statements / auditing

BL also allows you a quick and perfect introducing to the leading auditor for banking companies in Seychelles: Ernst & Young.


Correspondent banks 

Correspondent bank connections are guaranteed through BL. We give you the cross contacts and allow you to eat out in Seychelles the networks of major international banks as Institutional Client to utilize low interbank rates.


Complete processing of documents according to the latest OECD standards for smooth license application

Included in our setup proce is the preparation of all important documents to be submitted to the latest OECD standards and the current legislation of the Seychelles. We prepare for you (of course with your help): Business plan, Rules of Procedure, Data Protection Policy, Complaints Handling System, Operations and Compliance Manuals.



Privatbank Gründung Partner


A Bank Licenses (Seychelles) will allow you to carry out those kind of business services:


  • Issuing of own deposit products

  • Current Account to Corporate and Individual clients

  • Saving accounts

  • Fixed term deposit accounts

  • Set-up of mutual fund-like products

  • Issuing of Bank References and Certificates of Good Standings

  • Issuing Credit Cards through Mastercard / VISA Principal Members

  • Checking Accounts

  • Fixed term 

  • Daily liquidity accounts

  • Multi Currency Accounts

  • Asset Management like products

  • external services: Forex (e.g. through an out-sourced FX provider license in Vanuatu).

  • Investment Consultancy Services

  • Insurance Brokerage

  • Financial Engineering (Private Banking and Wealth Management in combined product solutions)


Banking Software NexorOne:

The full-premium Version with a value of ca. 50.000 USD is already included in our set-up fees. Multilingual support in more than 12 languages, online banking functions, transfer/wire tools, incoming/outgoing wire transfer controls, certificate of deposit creator, automated account statement sendings, API interfaces to credit card / merchant accounts, and much more. Talk to us to receive a fully introduction for the software an a live view upfront.

Of course we already connected incorporated banks with this software, therefore a live view up front is priceless - just to see how it will work with your bank.

Bankgründung mit SWIFT und Kreditkartenanbindungen



35% - Domestic Bank. Can be reduced by outsourcing of business areas (Credit Card Processing / Forex Services e.g.) 





  • Attractive capital requirements to be paid-up 

  • 2 Directors with expertise in financial markets

  • Compliance Manager (will be acquired through BL and its local providers)

  • Office (physical) - no PO Box. This address needs to be able to visit anytime from the Central Bank

  • Bank Reference, Business Reference, Passport and Proof of Address of all involved Management Members and of course, the UBOs (need to be notarized)

  • Criminal Records of involved persons

  • Documents supporting the licensation process (are going to be prepared by BL and its lawyers at the Seychelles): Businessplan, Rules of Procedure, Data Protection Policy, Compliance and Complaint Handbuch, AML Rules etc.




  1. Company Set-up within 48 hrs.

  2. The Central Bank requests within 21 days to get all required documentation and has to react within 60 days to them. The total time needed to get the licenses granted between 4 and 6 months. Also this is huge plus compared to other jurisdictions.



Set-up of the Domestic Company, acquisition of Compliance Officers, License preparation, license support, check of all documents and their preparations by local lawyers, NexorOne Software with full support, acquisition of office space, introduction to Ernst & Young, introduction to correspondence banks in the Seychelles and EU (opt.), Credit Card Processing / Issuing Introduction to VISA/Mastercard Principal Members, on-going support, legal support with the annual meetings with the Central Bank in the first year, if desired and requested: introducing to regulated FX brokers in the European Union or implementation of an own out-sourced brokerage company (e.g. in Vanuatu)



BL Complete Price with all services described: on request

Monthly costs for Office, Compliance Manager, Auditing, Tel / Fax Service:

ca. 3,000 - 4,500 US$

Have a chat with us to discuss it

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