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Free Zone Financial License Georgia

 Free Zone Licensed entities in Georgia offer many advantages and benefits. You can simply conduct Payment Processing, Crypto Exchange, Crypto Storage etc - and still, are not being considered Market Participant due to the unique Free Zone environment with their very own rules. NEW: BL Corporate Services Ltd is now also offering the SEPA account establishment in the EU to process client funds through the SEPA system. 

Start your international financial business or crypto currency provider. Conduct FIAT / Crypto Exchange Services or run offshore Asset Management Portfolios, launch your own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and receive a Free Zone permission to conduct financial services, instead of filing endless applications with regulators or be stressed with filings and reportings of business activities.


Issue your own products - and this completely tax exempted and with far less requirements unlike on-shore. The easy dealing with the Free Trade Zone Management will be a COMPLETE NEW EXPERIENCE for regulated entities and those that would love to carry out their services in a safe legal environment. 


100% tax free. Protection of privacy and full bank accounts with own dedicated IBAN account number are included in our package. The acceptance of third party fundings for financial purposes or crypto related payments male the Free Zone Companies in Georgia an absolute highlight amongst all other Free Zones worldwide. In addition nominee services are provided by us and our legal Georgian partners.

While many offshore destinations tighten their rules before issuing an e-money payment provider license, Georgia did the opposit and attracts nowadays more e-money provider than any other country in the world.

One big argument to setup a Free Zone company is, that BL exclusively is able to arrange the setup of a SEPA and SWIFT connected payment account with various providers to process client related payments.

Additionally Georgia's biggest plus is a maximum in privacy and data protection. Not just to the owner of a payment providing company - also to their clients. 

Requirements and Duration of Application:

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Original Passport Copy notarized with apostille

  • Original Power of Attorney (delivered by us) notarial certified and with apostille

  • Standard single proof of address (electronically)

Your consultant

+852 8191 4752

+1 678 701 3666​

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  1. Payment Processing

  2. Electronic Money Issuing

  3. ICO Launch

  4. Crypto Exchange and Crypto Trading

  5. Security Token Sales

  6. Electronic Wallets

  7. Offshore Wealth Management

  8. Offshore Brokerage

  9. Hosting of a Forex Trading or Crypto Trading Platform

All services are to be provided to Non-Georgian Residents and Citizens only!


  • company formation and incorporation in Georgia

  • Set-up local office, installation of an official company representor in Georgia

  • preparation of all documents (AML Rules, etc.)

  • License Support

  • Moving of your company into the free zone and obtaining of the Free Zone Financial license

  • On-going license status updates

  • Account Opening with EMI in the European Union to process also third party related payments




In Georgia it is not possible to apply for bank accounts anymore, since local banks became extremely sceptical towards financial businesses which is conducted with Non-Georgian citizens or residents. Therefore BL focuses on the setup of payment accounts in the European Union.

Kreditkarten und Onlinebanking Offshorekonten



Free Zone licensed entities are completely tax exempted. No corporate tax, no VAT on services and products etc. Enjoy working with 100% tax exemption.


SOFTWARE  (opt.)


If you should need an own software to manage all payments for your clients, their accounts, transactions, personal documentation etc, we highly recommend the solution of the current market leaders of the banking industry. The multilingual software is an all-in-one component allowing to manage customers data as well as all payments with one click. 

BL can arrange a free demo upfront via skype to see live how the software is working.



The Georgian Payment Services Provider license is absolutely crypto friendly. Offer apart of the standard FIAT money transfer options in addition the exchange into and from crypto currencies. You can also launch your own ICO or support other ICOs and organise coordinated in a regulated environment token sales.

Georgia is one of the first countries that adopted officially crypto currency activities as part of their PSP and Brokerage Licenses. One more reason to decide to go with this jurisdiction. 

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