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Seychelles Securities Dealers License / Forex Offshore Permision

The most elegant Securities Dealers License in the entire market. Enjoy offering clients FX, CFDs, Futures, Managed Accounts and define your own profit shares, comissions, spread mark-ups and let your customer benefit. The high-end brokerage offshore solution.

The Seychelles Securities Act 2007 provides the legal framework for the provision of Securities Dealer Services. The Seychelles Securities Dealer License is a license which allows your company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients) - e.g. in Managed Accounts.


The regulatory authority is the Financial Services Authority (Seychelles) - FSA.

This license is particularly beneficial for companies worldwide, who deal and/or trade in securities. This license is an important tool for your organization to attract more clients. The license will give your regulated entity more credibility! 


Usually the license is granted within 3 months after the application has been launched with the FSA. This extremely quick approval time frame let you as business owner calculate and prepare your existing customers for a switch into the new regulated entity without rush and hazzle.

The advantages of a Seychelles Offshore Securities Dealers License (SDL):

  1. The SDL holding company can provide bank-like activities such as creation of own FX or CFD related products and taking deposits from clients

  2. There are no restrictions in the number of clients to be accepted

  3. Low required capital / no blocked capital. The required capital to get the license granted is just 50,000 US$. That amount needs to be hold in a bank account at the Seychelles (e.g. with our lawyers) and can be withdrawn as soon as the license is issued. It can be used for building up the company, infrastructure meassures etc. 

  4. You are allowed to offer your FX service and Managed Account products publically on your website etc. 

  5. We guarantee a bank account opening for your licensed entity in the Seychelles with one of the top-banks with international networks

  6. The Seychelles will join the IBAN Network within 2016; clients will benefit of transfers into their new accounts (to be held with your company) by simply using IBAN and SWIFT/BIC in their transfer forms


A personal visit to the Seychelles is not required. All applications, bank account forms, accesses for online and credit card banking will be provided by email or safe UPS/DHL Express services. The charges for mailing are all included in our pricing module.  All documents are issued in English and are fully notarized and apostilled.


Time Frame:
- Set-up Domestic Company: 24h
- Licensing preparations: 2 weeks
- Licensing process: usually 8-12 weeks


Issuing Authority:

Financial Services Authority (FSA), Seychelles

Seychelles SDL Securities Dealers License

Your consultant

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The Seychelles Forex Securities Dealers License enables you to carry out the following services:


  • Issuing your own Managed Account products

  • carry out trading on behalf of others (LPOA) etc. / CTA activities 

  • deposit-takings of third parties

  • offering trading (selftrading or managed) in FX/Forex, CFDs, Futures

  • Managed Accounts Forex

  • Forex CTA activities

  • trading in commodities (also agricultural commodities and spot metals)

  • creation of your own price and fee schemes (managed account fees, profit shares, spreads, mark-ups etc)


On request we can deliver an introducing to am EU regulated brokerage institute with cross boarder permissions to be able to set-up European clients or to use simply the broker's infrastructure such MT4 software, compensation scheme access etc. It's not a must, but useful. A fully automated FX trading software with ca. 2-5% pcm profit return can be delievered by BL for free.


ca. 1,5% p.a. - can be reduced to almost 0%.


MT4 / MT5 Software (opt.)

If you want to satisfy your customers with an own white-label MT4 / MT5 account access and trading software, feel free to contact us. We can provide you a personal introducing to Metaquotes in Cyprus.  




We help you to establish a full SWIFT network connected bank account for your new Forex License and your Seychelles company - directly in the Seychelles. Up from winter 2016 the country will join the IBAN network. Pay-ins / fundings from customers can simply be arranged by transfers using IBAN and SWIFT (no intermediary banks or correspondence banks needed anymore).


If requested BL is organizing a full brokerage introduction to European Brokers based in Cyprus. Use their infrastructure, software and tools and start offering your services from the first day on. 


The brokerage introduction is for free and not a must. Our brokerage partners are working related to the MiFID guidelines and having the so called EU-Passport for cross-boarder services into any major European country. Use their regulation for a SAFE working.

MiFID entrance by using EU Partner brokers
Package Information
Fees & Conditions

Our Seychelles Service and SDL package contains the following services:

  • Incorporation of the SC Domestic Company

  • Resident Agent and acquisition of an office

  • Tel/Fax lines (+248) Seychelles

  • Check of the Director's competences upfront before the application process starts / Due Diligence Check

  • Due Diligence Check of all submitted and required documents before applying with FSA

  • License Application: Representative License

  • Payment of Licensing Fee: 1000 US$

  • Organizing bank account with lawyers or our regulated incorporator to deposit the required 50,000 US$ for the time of the application process

  • Preparation of AML Manual Rules and Compliance Book, License documentation, business plan, VITA / Curriculum Vitae

  • Acquisition and organization of the required Compliance Officer (has to be employed in the Seychelles and must be resident to the Island; this personnel is the primary contact person between FSA and your company

  • Post forwarding service

  • UPS/DHL Express shipping of all documents

  • Apostil and Notarization on all documents

  • Complete Package (as described on the left)
    on request 

  • Bank account opening with international top-tier bank in the Seychelles. You can use the banks international correspondence bank network:
    0,00 US$

  • On-going costs after licensing
    ca. 1,500 US$ p.m. for Compliance Officer and own separated office (will be visited by FSA) - costs can be deducted from annual profit and is fully tax deductable 

  • ca. 500 - 2,000 US$ per year for accounting (depending on the volume that you want/need to display) - fully tax deductable

  • annual license renewal - fully tax deductable:  ca. 2,500 US$ per year, 

  • Registered Office & Compliance Declaration ca. 1,500 US$ per year  - fully tax deductable

  • Indemnity / Liability Cover:  ca. 2,000 US$ per year - fully tax deductable 

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