Incorporation New Zealand Financial Services Provider

Western standards and fully regulated, democratic environment. Get your own FSP (Financial Services Provider License) from New Zealand. Legally and with the full support of BL's lawyers in Auckland. Benefit of New Zealand's fantastic options of a deregulated financial market in a modern country.

Following the protocols formalized by the Financial Service Providers  Act of 2008, New Zealand legislation enables the registration of NZ companies as Financial Service Providers (FSP).

A New Zealand FSP can also commonly known as a New Zealand Offshore Finance Company but that that term is usually applied to an unregistered NZ Company - that is a company that has not registered as an FSP.


  1. A New Zealand financial service company can offer banking and other financial services to both private individuals and corporations worldwide, with no limitations on the number of customers, amounts on deposit or number of currencies.

  2. The company is not subject to capital reserve requirements and there are no minimum capitalization requirements

  3. There are no restrictions on public solicitations and web sites being open to the general public.

  4. Directors and shareholders can be of any nationality and reside anywhere.

Our complete package contains

  • Formation of the Financial Services Company as a Limited company.

  • 3 full sets of certified documents for your records (needed for bank account openings you want to do)

  • Local Resident Agent Service

  • Dispute Resolution Scheme Membership Initiation (required if providing retail financial services)

  • Financial Services Provider Registration with the NZ govenment's Financial Services Provider Regsitry and the NZ Financial Markets Authority (FMA)

  • Source and set-up local office in Auckland (typical monthly costs of about 1.000 - 1.200 US$)

  • Source professional local director with excellent standing and reputation (1.200 - 1.500 US$ / month). Required on all NZ companies as of May 1 2015 new legislation and not just on FSP's.

  • AML Manual Preparation

  • Account opening facilities options with banks in NZ or Eastern Europe as well as electronic payment services providrs in UK or NZ

  • SWIFT BIC1 registration

  • Optional: Software Package to enable clients online banking, transfer options, CC processing and much more


Financial / Legal Background:

  • Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008

  • Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003

  • Electronic Transactions Act 2002

  • Personal Properties Securities Act 1999

  • Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996

  • Investment Advisers (Disclosure) Act 1996

  • Companies Act 1993

  • Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

  • Proceeds of Crime Act 1991

  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989

  • Fair Trading Act 1986

  • Securities Act 1978

  • Unclaimed Money Act 1969

  • Cheques Act 1960

  • Property Law Act 1952

  • Bills of Exchange Act 1908


  • Deposit taking & lending

  • Debit and credit card services

  • Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments

  • Cash management services

  • Current accounts

  • Cheque (Checking) accounts

  • Savings accounts

  • Term deposits

  • Wire transfer services

  • Payment processing services

  • Fund management

  • Marketing of investments



  • New Zealand Financial Service Companies can operate in a similar way to fully licensed banks, but the word “bank” or any of its derivatives or translations cannot be included in the name.

  • To be formally registered as an FSP in New Zealand, a local office and senior manager (ideally appointed as a director) is required to run it and represent the company in NZ. This does add some overhead to an operation that is only just beginning, but it is perfectly legal to start operations and then register the FSP once the business can justify it.

  • You need a DISPUTE RESOLUTION SCHEME MEMBERSHIP if you want to provide retail financing services


BL CAN DELIVER INVESTMENT TOOLS AND HIGH INTEREST TREASURIES (> 7.00% p.a.) TO WORK ON PROFIT WITH YOUR CLIENTS ASSETS.  Our FX software provider in Switzerland generates monthly profits for institutional clients of 2-5% pcm on average



The formation process takes two to three weeks, once originals of all documents needed have arrived in New Zealand. The Dispute Resolution Scheme registration is done first which is an requirement of you want to accept individual clients and offer "retail" financial services.


The FSP registration process will take another one or two weeks on top! After this your NZ Financial Service Provider Company is ready to work and you can serve your clients worldwide.


If required, we can provide you a full working software to manage accounts, payments, transactions, currency exchange and open accounts, sub accounts, creating account groups etc. Each client will get (if you allow) an SSL secured online banking access and can manage his own account (depending of the rights you are allowing to your users). We can give you a demo of this full software package up front. Banking License also deliver an access to a pre-installed payment provider that is connected to the software. So all correspondence bank issues are solved automatically.



  • Up from 12,500 USD (unregistered offshore finance company but with the legal availibility to offer most banking and investment options; without: SWIFT Code, NZ regulation, office source, etc.)



  • 29,900 US$ incl. company, FSP license, SWIFT Code, source of director, office manager and local office, Dispute Resolution Scheme Membership, Local Agent Service, AML preparation, Account opening, on-going support), permission for retail financial services to offer

On-going costs (tax deductable)

  • Office Manager ca. 1,000 US$ / pcm

  • Local Director 1,200 - 1,500 US$ / pcm

  • Local Office Auckland 1,000 - 1,200 US$ / pcm

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Due to fundamental changes in the regulations and on-going discussions about the proceedings, BL Corporate Services Ltd cannot recommend the setup of NZ FSP licenses anymore. We are committed to our customers and cannot guarantee the positive outcome of applications and their licensing anymore. Interested customers should be informed that already permitted licenses are currently reviewed and will be most likely revoked if UBOs are residing outside NZ, the core target market is not NZ or any of the other new requirements are not fulfilled. Please be aware and decide to go with another jurisdiction.

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BL is not a bank, nor does it provide banking services. BL offers international company formation, corporate administration services, and bank/broker introductory services and account opening assistance through third parties only. This website is only used for promotional marketing purposes of BL and is not intended to portray that this is the site of a bank, financial institution or being itself a licensed or regulated Corporate Services Provider. BL connects customers and Corporate Services Provider which are in an exclusive partnerships with BL Corporate Services Ltd in the respective jurisdiction(s). 

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In the following jurisdictions BL is providing the services through professional CSPs, banks, legal representatives, accountants etc. All services are considered to be third party services, but under permanent control and monitoring of the BL Group, which will be your guide and primarly contact point until the corporate and/or licensing setup has been finalised successfully. We will introduce you directly the competences but still assist you as your partner during the entire setup process. The jurisdictions where third party services by CSPs / MC (Management Companies) are being carried out are: Bahamas, BVI, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, UAE, United States of America, Kazakhstan, Republic of Georgia, European Union in general.


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