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A Seychelles IBC - an International Business Company - is the most popular and versatile type of offshore corporation available in Seychelles. Similar to other classic offshore companies, Seychelles IBC is designed to engage in international business. Being an IBC, it is subject to minimum red-tape. While being obliged to keep internal records and registries in good order, a Seychelles IBC does not nave to submit any financial reports to public file. There is also no mandatory audit requirement.Seychelles IBC is similar to the most popular international business company, the BVI IBC, and in some respects even exceeds that benchmark model of offshore corporation. Since the introduction of the Seychelles International Business Companies Act in 1994, over 100`000 Seychelles IBC`s have been registered, with more than 600 new offshore companies being registered every month.


Seychelles offers attractive offshore formation opportunities through an International Business Company (IBC) to businesses seeking the benefits of a secure, confidential and tax-free environment. Seychelles has been offering clients offshore formation packages since the passing of the International Business Companies Act in 1994, and has grown rapidly in the sector due to its flexible structure, exceptional protection regulations and enabling legislation, making it among the best jurisdictions for offshore company formations.

Seychelles is a flourishing offshore financial center; its formation market has become one of the fastest growing company registries in the world due to its efficancy, innovation and its broad range of offshore services.

Investors and businesses are flocking to Seychelles, taking advantage of its low cost, strict confidentiality laws and flexible incorporation regulations making the formation process simple and efficient.

If you are looking for a jurisdiction with firm privacy regulations and tax-free opportunities in a supportive offshore environment, Seychelles may be the.

Seychellen Offshore Firmengründung mit Kontopaket


  • Seychelles company formation (usually 1 business day)

  • Registered Office for the 1st year

  • Resident Agent Service for the 1st year

  • Government Fee 

  • Bank Account Opening (if applied)

  • Express delivery with DHL / UPS / FedEx



  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Memorandum of Association

  • Articles of Association

  • Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
    Resolution of Director in Writing

  • Share Certificates

  • Preparation acc. opening docs (if applied)



  • Nominee Director (incl. apostilled POA per year 450 US$

  • Nominee Shareholder per year 350 US$

  • Notarized set of all corporate documents: 100 US$

  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents: 200 US

Top-Uses of Seychelles Companies

A Seychelles IBC has many potential business uses. Seychelles companies can be used especially for:

  • International trading

  • Asset protection

  • Tax avoidance

  • Protection of intellectual property

  • Estate planning

  • Holding Company

  • Financial management

  • Leasing of other assets

Taxation Information

Tax Reduction is one of the most popular purposes to incorporate a company at the Seychelles. The advantages in taxation are outstanding:

  • Zero tax on all profits derived outside of Seychelles

  • No stamp duty on exchange of shares or the sale of any assets

  • Zero personal income tax

  • Zero corporate tax

  • No capital gains tax

  • No sales tax

  • No withholding tax

  • No value added tax

  • No import of export tax

Top-Advantages of Seychelles Companies

A Seychelles IBC is attractive in many ways. Some important advantages are:

  • Reasonable and set license fees

  • No minimum capital requirement

  • Only one shareholder or director is mandatory

  • An IBC may own or manage a Seychelles-registered vessel or aircraft

  • Low government fees

  • Tax free structures

  • A growing matrix of tax treaties used for investment into other countries

  • An international trade zone

  • No corporate tax

  • Not required to file accounts

  • Records are not publicly accessible

  • Asset protection

  • Well-respected and established offshore jurisdiction

  • Favorable corporate laws offering an array of sophisticated, modern & flexible offshore products

  • Solid banking secrecy, considered one of the best jurisdictions for protecting the privacy of its foreign investors

  • Free from undesirable measures and exchange agreements

  • Holds 46 tax treaties, all compliant to OECD standards

  • Names of company directors and shareholders are not placed in the public registry

  • Offers lenient policy on reporting interest incomes to overseas tax authorities

  • Issues an innovative "Special License" company that can be used to take full advantage of Seychelles’ growing network of double taxation agreements

  • No exchange controls

  • Fiscal Incentives

  • A skilled, professional and bilingual population

  • Modern communication network

  • Residence permit and work permit are available for foreign investors

  • A skilled, professional and bilingual population

Privacy & Data Protection

The only records delivered to the Registrar are the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which have no reference to the beneficial owner, directors, officers or shareholders.

Standard capitalization for a Seychelles IBC is USD 50,000. Share capital and total shares are unlimited. There are no minimum or maximum capital requirements for a Seychelles IBC.

Shares of the Seychelles corporation may be issued in a variety of forms including: Par or No Par Value, Voting or Non-voting, Preferential or Common, Nominal or Bearer. Shares may be issued for money or for other valuable consideration, may be issued before any payment is made, and can be issued in any currency.

Shareholders, Directors and Officers
Only one director and shareholder are required and can be the same person. Nominee shareholders and directors are permitted. No statutory requirement for officers; however, if officers are required they can also be directors and shareholders. Shareholders and directors may be of any nationality and reside in any country. Directors and shareholders may be either a natural person or a corporate entity.

Firmengründung offshore Seychellen
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Company + EU Payment Account + Offshore Bank Acc.
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